Giving you fuel

to brighten

your world.




Find contentment.

Build courage.

Stay sane this season.

Begin with gratitude.


Activate your faith

and transform your

spot on the map.




There’s a fire inside you,

and you know it needs tending.


You feel it when you scroll your feed, turn on the news,

or hear someone spout off the craziest thing at a gathering.


Sometimes that little light of yours blazes up in anger.

Sometimes it flickers low in fear or plain-old exhaustion.


But you don’t have to be all or nothing.


I’m here to help you discover a more steady,
vibrant version of yourself
so you can help others find their way
in a culture of overwhelm.

I’m Darcy Wiley, co-writer of The Yes Effect: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You. I’m an explorer at heart… Read more