Giving you fuel

to brighten

your world.




Find contentment.

Build courage.

Stay sane this season.

Begin with gratitude.


Activate your faith

and transform your

spot on the map.




There’s a fire inside you,

and you know it needs tending.


You feel it when you scroll your feed, turn on the news,

or hear someone spout off the craziest thing at a gathering.


Sometimes that little light of yours blazes up in anger.

Sometimes it flickers low in fear or plain-old exhaustion.


But you don’t have to be all or nothing.


I’m here to help you discover a more steady,
vibrant version of yourself
so you can help others find their way
in a culture of overwhelm.
Still Not Over It

Still Not Over It

I checked the time, then packed up our picnic groceries and our luggage. Months earlier, we had booked the last hotel room in this tiny town not too far from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. This morning, we’d drive an hour to the path of totality. As I tucked away the last of...

I’m Darcy Wiley, co-writer of The Yes Effect: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You. I’m an explorer at heart… Read more