Giving you fuel

to brighten

your world.




Find contentment.

Build courage.

Stay sane this season.

Begin with gratitude.


Activate your faith

and transform your

spot on the map.




There’s a fire inside you,

and it needs to be tended.


I’m here to help you tune in with the ever-present God and experience power, love, and a sound mind. Through self-development and spiritual formation practices, I’ll help you fan the flame of the gifts God gave you so you can see lives and communities transform right where you are.
Fruitful Work (Under Less Than Optimal Conditions)

Fruitful Work (Under Less Than Optimal Conditions)

For two seasons, I work away at the keyboard, writing the simplest sounds and phrases for people who don’t know them yet. My students, international employees at local warehouses, are the ones who turn America’s internet orders into real stuff that shows up on our...

I’m Darcy Wiley, co-writer of The Yes Effect: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You. I’m an explorer at heart… Read more