With the cultural tension in our nation and the challenges around our world, we need something to stir up hope.


Time and time again over the past couple of years, as I’ve faced hard questions in the political and moral spheres, and in my personal life, God has used the stories that Luis and I wrote in The Yes Effect to remind me that He is indeed at work in the world, and I can find Him at work when I fix my eyes on Him.

Whatever challenge you’re facing now, you need encouragement and you need ideas. The Yes Effect will give you both. This book lets you in on amazing stories of what God is doing in the world and outlines steps to starting chain reactions of transformation in your life and community.

Who do you know who needs a turnaround? Who could use some hope and guidance in these chaotic times?

A college student wondering what she should do with her future?
A not-for-profit worker who needs to be reminded that God is working all things together for good?
A mom and dad who want to live a meaningful life in their tiny circle of influence?
A grandparent who is considering how to leave a legacy?
A social justice/social media junkie who feels like there’s got to be more to life than battling internet trolls?

Who in your life is looking for hope and inspiration?

As you search for the perfect gift for the adventurers and world changers around you, why not pick up a copy of The Yes Effect and give  the gift of transformation? Pair the book with meaningful and practical items from my list below to help your loved one both enjoy and bring joy to the world.


So, here’s my Yes Effect Gift Guide:



My sister in law went wild for this Trades of Hope coin bank at an event where I spoke recently. It’s a heavy, quality piece that looks amazing on her side table. Along with the bank, you could give your loved one a list of several not-for-profit ministries (such as ServLife’s small but mighty ministry of fighting poverty and planting churches in Nepal) and encourage them to use the bank to save money for funding a worthy project.



I love this Trades of Hope Jubilee bracelet set, too. It’s a reminder of the year of jubilee in Scripture, which to me is a cross between a big party and a reset button provided by God for His people when they got in over their heads in man-made systems and saw society go haywire. *Sigh* Don’t we need a little jubilee?!! My childhood friend April who hosts for Trades of Hope says the company trains their artisans in developing products and business know-how, and pays artisans their asking price for each piece purchased, usually 2-3 times the daily average for the area. She says this is not charity, but this is empowering women to build a business so they can pay for safe and adequate housing, send their children to school, and get medical care. When your friend wears this Jubilee bracelet, she can know that your gift invested in a woman in another part of the world, helping her and her community to flourish.



This cross stitch map from Uncommon Goods, a vintage take on the scratch off map, is perfect for that traveler who’s crafty, too (the good kind). This gift will allow your recipient to retrace their steps, mark their past journeys in various colors of thread, and hang on the wall for a personal touch in their home decor.



Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself mesmerized by the watching the needle of a compass find true north. It’s almost magical. This handsome army green compass is waterproof, shakeproof, and glows in the dark if exposed to sunlight. It comes with its own pouch, perfect for the rugged explorer in your life.



Many of you know of my love for essential oils. Do a little research on sesquiterpene molecules and essential oils and you’ll start to understand why aromatherapy is more than just an air freshener. The Transformation essential oil blend pictured above includes oils high in sesquiterpenes such as sandalwood and sacred frankincense, plus grounding oils like blue spruce and cardamom and uplifting oils like peppermint and lemon to give that extra boost as we focus and engage our gifting in the world around us. I used essential oils to help me focus throughout the challenges of writing The Yes Effect, and they contribute on an ongoing basis to the well-being of my family. Valor and Into the Future are some other great blends to pair with this book. Want to learn more? Just comment below or message me on Facebook.



My friend Christie has curated a lovely collection of clothing and gifts for her boutique. This card communicates the perfect sentiment for the Yes Effect theme and would make a great topper for your Yes Effect gift set.



Your adventurer could use this stunning cork globe from Uncommon Goods to track past travels just like with the cross stitch map, OR your recipient could use the map pins to mark the places and people they are praying for in various spots around the world. After reading The Yes Effect, my new author friend Dorothy Greco said, “This book has been like a shot of B12 for my prayer life.” I love that! Grab a copy of Pray for the World from Operation World to go with The Yes Effect and this cork globe, and help your friend know how to pray and connect more deeply with God’s love and transformation power in the world.



My co-author and his fellow world changers have mentored me simply by sharing what God has done through their yes, and now I get to let you in on these humble yet awe-inspiring stories. My friend Charity said, “Not only is Bush’s own missionary story filled with twists and turns, but the writing pair tells the stories of people all over the world in places that normally are plastered on the evening news. Amid violence, political turmoil, and extreme poverty, God is at work through the courageous yes of his people. But the stories don’t end there. Again and again this book invites readers into their own valiant yeses. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to begin the adventure God has for you.” Other friends have told me how reading The Yes Effect made them feel brave and that they’ll be going back to this book in times of discouragement. We’ll be launching The Yes Effect book club on Facebook sometime in February, so now is the perfect time to give this book to friends and tell them to save the date. You can find The Yes Effect at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, and many other retailers.



In this slimline adventure log, adventurers can record information like location, date, conditions, companions, and notes from their excursions.



This textile, handmade in Ethiopia through a company called ABLE, can be used as a table cloth, picnic blanket, or throw. I’ve followed and purchased from ABLE for many years. The company was founded to provide “women with the opportunity to earn a living, empowering them to end the cycle of poverty that kept them trapped. Armed with multiple studies illustrating how the employment of women benefits and strengthens an entire community, the ABLE team set out on a mission to end generational poverty, one job at a time.” Purchase through my unique ABLE link through Christmas Day and you’ll get 20% off!



Celebrate what God is doing in your friend’s unique spot on the map with these personalized map napkins (!!!) from Uncommon Goods. Since these are custom-made, they’d arrive after Christmas, but they were just too fun to leave off the list.



If you’ve read The Yes Effect, you know that my co-writer, Luis Bush, is the founder of the 10/40 Window Movement that focuses in on the regions of the world with the most intense physical and spiritual poverty. But God is working His same transforming power in every latitude and longitude on the globe through the yes of His people. Similar to the mapkins, this custom latitude/longitude necklace from Uncommon Goods zones in on a particular spot on the map and reminds the wearer to be all in, wherever they are.



With this collection of international spices from World Market, adventurous eaters can enjoy flavors from all over the world and be reminded of the creative diversity God planned for our world and the Church.



This gorgeous red nubuck bag is handcrafted in Ethiopia and named for one of the heroic women of ABLE. It can be carried as a foldover or by the brass rings. When you buy a leather bag, artisan jewelry, or a handwoven blanket from ABLE, you empower women in Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico, and impoverished areas of the United States to find a new path forward. Purchase through my unique ABLE link through Christmas Day and you’ll get 20% off!



Snatch one of these Joy to the World globe ornaments from Etsy or make your own like I did this Christmas.


As a global-minded person, any of these items would be right at home under my tree. I hope this Yes Effect gift guide has given you some inspiration for picking out meaningful items for the world changers in your circle. Comment below to let me know what your adventurer is like, other gift ideas you might have, and how you’re planning to start a chain reaction with The Yes Effect this Christmas!



Note: If you use my unique ABLE referral link for 20% off through Christmas, I get $20 off my next order when you spend $50 or more.


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