A Less Digital Life {A 31-Day Series}


Join me in exploring the benefits and drawbacks of the digital life and finding ways to live more authentically and tangibly in this virtual age.

31 Days Intro: I saw it all in the matter of a week, a woman walking her Yorkie, a teen with his boxers hanging out as he pedaled his bike through town, a business man racing his Porsche through a roundabout…and every one of them looking down, each enlisting at least one hand and both eyes to rattle out some kind of message on smart phone while the real world blurred around them. Read more….

Day 1 ~ The Happy Hybrid

Day 2 ~ (App)ropriate Measures

Day 3 ~ Just Two Eyes to See

Day 4 ~ Literature, Love Letters and a Panoramic View

Day 5 ~ The Cabin Connection

Day 6 ~ Worship Unplugged

Day 7 ~ Before, After, and the Motivation in the Middle

Day 8 ~ What I Didn’t Give My Daughter for Her Birthday

Day 9 ~ Friend or Faux?

Day 10 ~ Media Manifesto

Day 11 ~ Just for Us

Day 12 ~ Our Little Wigwam

Day 13 ~ First Things

Day 14 ~ Out the Nursery Window

Day 15 ~ No Sugar Crash

Day 16 ~ A Sabbath from Sound

Day 17 ~ The Thirst for Community

Day 18 ~ Who Wants to Be the Mom on the iPhone?

Day 19 ~ Touch vs. Touch Screen

Day 20 ~ Google Balloons and the Gospel


Day 23 ~ Auto-Correct and the Human Eye


Day 28 ~ Making Your Offline Minutes Count (Guest Post by Trina Cress)

Day 29 ~ A Teen and a Tech Intervention (Guest Post by Marybeth Hicks)

Day 30 ~ The Chain Reaction of Art in 3-D (Guest Post by Jessica Green)

Day 31 ~ Best Moments

A Less Digital Life Wrap-Up

Postlude: So, I Guess I Needed an iPhone Break

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