My name may be in small print on the cover, but my feelings for this book are BIG. I have been mentored by these stories since our interviews in Geneva, Switzerland, three years ago and as I’ve worked with 10/40 Window missions strategist, Luis Bush, to write the book. Now, you get to join me and be mentored by reading The Yes Effect!

How do we mobilize when faced with disasters like Hurricane Harvey or Irma? What do we do when we’re faced with the ugliness of the human condition as in Charlottesville? What about the foster system in our town? Or poverty in the rural parts of our state? Or the refugee crisis? Or…or…or?

We need hope. And we need ideas. This book gives us both.

The Yes Effect brings you behind the scenes of some of the most amazing community transformations in the world. It pulls from ideas that have worked in the most difficult situations and helps you learn how to use them in your own spot on the map.

As you turn the pages of this book…

  • You will consider how to re-sensitize your heart in an age of over-stimulation and compassion fatigue.
  • You will learn how to turn the burdens that weigh you down into passions that fuel you to act.
  • You will come to rely less on prepackaged programs and more on thoughtful, organic partnership to make an impact.
  • You will be encouraged to use the things you’re already good at and the resources you already have to build momentum toward the change you want to see.
  • You will learn how to discern if what you’re doing is a call from God and stand your ground when resistance comes.
  • You will get a birds-eye view of how God transforms individuals, families, communities, and even nations when His people accept His invitations to team up.
  • You will consider the importance of building on the work of generations past and mentoring the younger generation to use their own gifts in the world.
  • You will get a vision for what truly satisfies in life and be challenged to follow God on adventure.


The Yes Effect is a hope-filled model that helps us adjust our outlook on the world. It assures us that things may be hard, but God is good and He has a plan. It shows us how God wants to send us out fully alive and vibrant into these disaster zones and communities filled with broken relationships. In your own little spot on the map, God wants you to say yes, then yes again and again, until you’ve started a chain reaction of His goodness.

Visit and click on your favorite bookseller to grab your copy. Then let’s chat!



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