Gift from the Sea Book Club


Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s classic, Gift from the Sea, helps women contemplate how to live a simple life in the midst of a complicated world. Take a virtual vacation with us as we ponder Lindbergh’s thoughts on such topics as love, marriage, the work of the mother, friendship, the creative life, simplicity, solitude, generosity, communion, youth, and age, all through the metaphor of beautiful seashells found on a quiet island.

Laundry Dunes, Everyday Vacations…and a Summer Book Club!!!

Back to Open Waters {Gift from the Sea Intro}

Stars Dancing in the Water {Gift from the Sea 1: The Beach}

West Palm Runaway {Gift from the Sea 2: Channelled Whelk}

Finding Islands {Gift from the Sea 3: Moon Shell}

The Butterfly Effect {Gift from the Sea 4: Double-Sunrise}

Swimming Strong {Gift from the Sea 5: Oyster Bed}

The Inventor’s Banyan {Gift from the Sea 6: Argonauta}

Curator of the Cape {Gift from the Sea 7: A Few Shells}

Tracking the Current {Gift from the Sea 8: The Beach at My Back}

Souvenirs from the Sea

Time Capsule {Gift from the Sea Re-opened}