I’m not much for multi-tasking. I’m no good at tweeting (or doing much of anything) in the middle of spoken conversation. When there are preparations to be made and sick little ones to care for and people to catch up with and celebrations to attend, I find myself spending all my words in person with not much left for the page or screen. Our Christmas ended just yesterday as my brother and his family flew back to the southwest and my husband started back to work. I’m just now thinking back on it…all these little memories that linger like the outline of bright light when you look away.

It’s been a season full of…marveling at the sparkle ~ snuggling ~ watching trains go by ~ sipping hot chocolate ~ strolling through town ~ finding lost sheep ~ anticipating Jesus ~ reading beneath the light of the tree ~ gathering the members of the Nativity scene and waiting along with them ~ growing a baby ~ singing “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” ~ bowing low and looking up ~ spreading joy with beginner spelling: “grama, it is oomost Crismis.” ~ shopping for the perfect gifts ~ celebrating with a classroom full of kindergarteners ~ naughty ~ rare moments of quiet ~ togetherness ~ filling stockings (and emptying puke buckets) ~ fattening up with biscuits and homemade apple butter after two different rounds of the tummy bug ~ roughhousing ~ sweet times with faraway family come near ~ cuddling with the newest cousin ~ building a snowman his own way ~ hosting a houseful of family for a New Year’s sleepover…and even getting a few hours of sleep.

What are some of the highlights from your holiday season?