My sister is a fix-it girl. At night, her bed lays empty while she undoes the dirt of day at a local coffee shop. She dusts the fixtures and sweeps away crumbs. She sanitizes tables and chairs and counter tops and remembers who sat where in the daylight when she grabbed a bottle of kombucha, rubbing her eyes. In the dark, she clears fingerprints from windows and doors, scrubs toilets, shines sinks. Sometimes she even fixes the plumbing using her best tool…woman’s intuition. She polishes the floor, blank slate for the morning. Back home by day, she mothers and sleeps mostly, no time to fix the broken things or go after what life has sucked away, except this once…. I hope you’ll enjoy this short but (bitter)sweet account written by my sister, the resilient Mandy Cross.


love down the drain

This is a necklace of mine. I’ve always had faith and hope. But awhile back, love fell down the drain.

Life was so busy and demanding that I didn’t make time to look for it. But, always in the back of my mind this awareness lingered of the possibility that it could still be there, waiting to be salvaged. Or, was it flushed away forever?

Finally, not too long ago, I got the gumption to give it a go. I faced the foul sewer stink and messy puddle as I muscled through corrosion in the connections. Lo and behold, the love charm plopped out as I poured putrid water from the pipe.

It doesn’t look the same… It has lost its shine and one of the cheap, glass jewels. But it is intact.

Due to the distress, the metal has a deeper, textured patina. Truthfully, I like it better that way.

I think I’ll wear it on a string.

{What’s your story of love lost? How does the metaphor of Mandy’s love gone down the drain affect your own outlook on past hurts?}

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