Written for the daily realities of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, these prayers will give you…


  • words to speak over this crisis when you are stunned and don’t know what to say.
  • a healthy way to enter into our communal suffering and connect with God.
  • a stay-at-home way to support various workers and citizens affected by this crisis.
  • a way to recenter when you’re over-saturated with the daily news or yet another Zoom call.
  • a memento of God’s work in your heart at this historic moment.

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As I wash my hands,

Interlacing my fingers in a prayer

I think of the work that is paused

or the work that is increased.

Lather, water, clarity,

Now your work is more visible 

in the world and in me.


You desire clean hearts

Right spirits.

Wash us with water

And your Word.

Present us to yourself a radiant Church

A model of holy sanity

As we wash our hands.

                                                  -Darcy Wiley


O God of peace and joy, 

we have heard the tears of our nation’s nurses. 

We have seen them praying on a rooftop 

or crying out to You in a pre-shift prayer circle. 

We pray with them and for them.


Even now, as red lines on graphs climb up or down, 

as IV drips fall from saline bags to hydrate and treat, 

as ventilators stand in for tired lungs, 

You are there. 

                                                   -Katherine James


Jehovah Jireh, you are our Provider. 

When we have eaten and are satisfied, 

we praise you for the good land you have given.

We also thank you for the hands that have harvested it, 

transported it, stocked it, scanned it, and prepared it. 

Be with them in this uncertain time. 

May they know your grace and provision like never before. 

                                                    -Sarah Quezada


We ask that you guide hearts and minds 

of business owners and employees, 

as we strive to do what’s best 

for our families, our economy, and our world. 


Allow us to be creative in this time, 

using our unique skills and resources 

to meet needs in a new way. 

                                             -Thresette Briggs


Lord, be with us as we scramble. 

Fighting with technology that breaks.

Wrestling with new ways to teach old things.

Ways to bring light and understanding across too small screens.

                                                    -Amber Robinson


Inspire our imaginations to find our way through this difficult place. 

Ignite our God-given creativity and help us direct it toward our marriage. 

Let us see from your perspective. 

Give us each a heart of gratitude for the person we share our lives with….

Continue to fill us with your Holy Spirit 

that we might love extravagantly in sickness or in health.

                                                                                               -Dorothy Littell Greco


In this moment, we are unable to welcome 

our loving community of friends and family 

to add joy and celebration, or to help us grieve.

God, bring us comfort as these events 

are canceled or rescheduled. 

Help our virtual gatherings offer connection

May heartfelt expressions of loving care 

soothe our disappointment and sadness. 

                                                        -Jacquie Reed


I pray that we would stand with assurance and dignity, 

as ones formed in Jesus’ likeness, 

and render our contributions to solving this problem in the world.  

I declare that we shall do so, 

not from the need to prove our worthiness 

as “good Americans” or “model minorities” 

but as the manifestation of hearts set free 

by the acceptance and delight of our loving Heavenly Father.

                            -Brian Flora


Fearfully, they reflect your image. 

Even as they fight against fear in the foxholes and trenches of their brains. 

Alongside misfiring amygdalae, neurodivergent circuitry, and scarcities of Serotonin. They wage their war on mental illness, within. And without….

Holding us fast, 

In these uncertain days. 

Hem us in, behind and before, 

and lay your hand upon us. 

                                                        -Nichole Woo


We lift up nonprofit leaders to you now. 

Grant them your wisdom, peace, and passion. 

Remind them that you “did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Help them to let go of the illusion of control and trust you. 

                                                        -Adam J. Nevins






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