Take Heart Series

Take Heart Series ~ Feb 2013

This February, at Message in a Mason Jar, we will be talking about how to take heart in the context of life’s disappointments. Each week, we will hear the stories of at least two different women, including their walk through discouragement and despair and how Jesus met them in it, saying, “Take heart.”

On Tuesdays during the series, we’ll invite you to link up with your own Take Heart story based on the theme of the week (1- Growing a Family, 2- Romance, 3- Kinship/Community, and 4- Self-Care/Wholeness). On Thursdays, along with the story shared, we’ll offer fun and thoughtful giveaways that will encourage you to take heart in your own struggles.

  1. A Mean Game of Telephone {Intro}
  2. The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Club {Growing a Family} ~ by Jenna Woestman
  3. Doubly Blessed {Growing a Family}~ by Aubrey Barela
  4. Battle Hymn of the Shark Mother {Growing a Family} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  5. Tail Light Dreaming {Growing a Family} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  6. I Must Tell Jesus: Other Words to Help You Take Heart in Growing a Family
  7. Summit, Sunset and Other “S” Words {Romance} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  8. The Land of Raw Milk and Honey {Romance} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  9. The Things We Carry {Romance} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  10. Love Down the Drain {Romance} ~ by Mandy Cross
  11. Widows and Wedding China {Romance} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  12. The Love of God: Other Words to Help You Take Heart in Romance
  13. A Eulogy for My Enemy {Kinship and Community} ~ narrated by Anonymous, written by Darcy Wiley
  14. A Friend for the End {Kinship and Community} ~ by Christie Elkins
  15. Framing the Fragments {Kinship and Community} ~ by Annie Barnett of Be Small Studios
  16. The Broken Language of True Friendship {Kinship and Community} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  17. Comfort Food for the Trampled Soul {Wholeness} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  18. Health Fails, Help Comes {Wholeness} ~ by Adrienne Johnson
  19. The Time to Live It {Wholeness} ~ by Nancy Backues
  20. Reclaiming Your Heart {Wholeness} ~ by Denise Hildreth Jones
  21. Enough with “Never Enough” {Wholeness} ~ by Darcy Wiley
  22. Don’t Rehearse the Pain {Take Heart Recap} ~ by Darcy Wiley