I can’t express just how excited I am to have so many friends and soon to be friends joining me in going through Relentless and rooting out anything that competes with our devotion to the Lord. As we study Judges together, will get to know Deborah who mothered Israel and nurtured a spirit of courage in those around her, Gideon who stepped out from hiding to become a man of valor, and Samson whose example shows us that God can accomplish his purposes even through the most flawed of people. We’ll also spend time with the lesser known judges whose accounts all help us glory in the God who saves.

Like many of the best stories in life, this one is long and detailed. Judges is epic. Since this book is story-based, I’ve written each lesson to match the plot line of the text. While other books of the Bible might be shorter and easier to gulp down like a grab-and-go breakfast, this one is like a hot, hearty meal. I expect most lessons to take 25-30 minutes, but if a particular lesson hits a tender place for you, you may need to spend more time there. Because we will be confronting idols that compete with our devotion to the Lord, I urge you to recruit a group of brave friends to pray strong prayers against the attacks of the enemy on your body, mind, and spirit as you study.

As you begin each lesson, take a moment to pray, welcoming the Holy Spirit to lead you through the heavy issues in Judges and in your own heart. In each lesson, I include background and illustrations to help you get acquainted and relate to the characters. I lead you in reading and studying portions of the text. Then, I offer transformation questions to help you confront your own sin and struggles, and to point you in a healthier direction. I’m really looking forward to growing in my own understanding and life application of Judges as I hear your insights gleaned from the daily lessons.

I hope you’ll sign up for a group at HelloMornings and share your insights online with other women every weekday morning from August 24-October 2, or form your own in-person group to meet at a time and place that works for you. Click play on the video above to hear more about this study. And let me know in the comments below if you’re with me in fighting this good fight.

{Special thanks to my dearie Sarah Scharbrough for allowing me to use her song Traveler from her most recent album, Sit with Me in this video. And a big congratulations to Sarah on a healthy, happy delivery of her sweet twin girls this week! We are all giddy about it.}









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