She pulled a crumpled surprise from her canvas bag. My friend had heard that our favorite little Italian fusion restaurant was giving away these hip Vespa T-shirts, and she rushed over to snag one for me.

When she lifted the shirt from the bag and shook the wrinkles out of the brushed cotton, I knew it was a gift not only from her, but from the Lord.

She didn’t know it, but two years back, I’d talked my timid self into riding on the back of a Vespa with my little brother…on real, bonafide roads. Wind in my hair. Fog settling on hot fields. Super moon rising. In the thrill of it all, fear and I were blown away.

Fast-forward to the present, I knew what that T-shirt was saying: Strap on your helmet and saddle up, girl. This means adventure.

The Lord was sending me a heads up, but I didn’t know why just yet.

I had been thinking on what to name the year and the word that kept coming to mind was actually an odd little meeting of two words…Fear:Less. I finally wrote the post to make it official.

The very next morning as I went about the ordinary task of getting my girls ready for an appointment, the garage door went up and bad news rolled in.

Out of nowhere. Blindsided. Except that looking back, there were itty bitty clues preparing me for difficulty.

Life was about to take us on a wild ride, one we hadn’t signed up for.

But I knew just what to wear.

[To be continued….]

In less than two weeks, I’ll be telling the full story of my current hardship along with other past catastrophes and mishaps like a dangerous illness contracted on the mission field, my hooligan hound wreaking havoc in the neighborhood and just about ruining my family’s sanity, a fiasco involving my teeth, and more. I can’t wait to share out loud the crazy things God did to save the day in each of my impossible situations and how He turns Psalm 136 into the Psalm that never ends: His love endures forever! Join me live on May 10 at the Broken Beautiful BOLD Event in Marion, Indiana. It’ll be worth the drive, I promise. And follow me over to the event blog today as I share about climbing up and out of fear. Be sure to sign up for my email list below. And take a minute to comment to let me know you’ve stopped by here and there!

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