Relentless: a six-week study in the book of Judges


In the book of Judges, Israel ignores God’s instructions and, instead, cozies up to the enemy and their false gods, bringing all kinds of trouble on themselves. But God, in His mercy, sends a whole array of heroes, like Deborah, Gideon, and Samson to come to the rescue.

Designed for 30 minutes a day with five days of study each week (plus optional bonus material), the readings and prompts in Relentless will help us apply the intense story lines of Judges to our own lives. As we trace the downward spiral of this hardhearted people, we will discover for ourselves how to resist temptation, avoid the pitfalls of cultural trends, gain confidence to complete the tasks God assigns us, bring stress and trauma under the healing relief of the Holy Spirit, and develop a proper reverence for the Lord in the process.

We’ll take a long hard look at sin and its dangerous consequences. And we will glory in our warrior God who comes to our rescue, even when we don’t deserve it. We may be relentless in our disobedience, but God’s love is unstoppable.

Featured at HelloMornings August 24-October 2, 2015!


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